‘Unmasking ADHD’ is the first of The Leadmill’s ‘Insight Exchange’ series, where we will be joined by ADHD specialist Jane McPhillips in an engaging, interactive evening session, aiming to make information surrounding ADHD more accessible to those who are personally navigating or know someone who is, or someone simply just interested!

ADHD is more than struggles with hyperactivity, focus and impulsivity.

Why do we experience such emotional highs and lows? Boom and bust energy? Regularly feeling overwhelmed? How must all of this be impacting on our relationships, work, or studies?

In this event, Jane will be unmasking the reality of living with ADHD day to day, the recent neuroscience that helps to explain why we have such extreme experiences and how to find the right balance both in our relationships and work.

Jane will be sharing her personal journey of receiving a late diagnosis and how this has changed her life, along with the tools and techniques that can be harnessed to help manage life with ADHD more effectively.

You don’t need to wait for a diagnosis to start to understand yourself – let’s learn together and Jane can help us to understand our challenges and our strengths. Interact or absorb and process at your own pace; you are in the driving seat of your own experience in this unique evening which aims to empower you with knowledge.

‘Unmasking ADHD’ will be interspersed with live demonstrations of different ‘tools’ to manage ADHD. After the talk will be an opportunity to process what you have heard and connect with other. Join us for a group activity where we can share together as a community our challenges and our strengths – where you can be as involved and interactive as you feel, or you can simply come along to listen.