The first in a series exploring radical publications, Wordlife presents an imaginative exploration of self-care, romantic love and sex, family, home, death and friendship – arguing that examining our intimate lives in this way presents unique opportunities for radical reimagining and transformation.

Featuring an in-conversation with the author, live performance from captivating spoken word poet Joelle Taylor, and a panel discussion with guest speakers from across Sheffield, join us for an evening of connection, exploration and imagination.

Wordlife started out as a live literary event in Sheffield in 2006, but quickly grew into a programme across Yorkshire and beyond – described as “one of the purveyors of the new literary night out” by The Independent. The project ceased programming during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has been dormant ever since. This year, Wordlife finally makes its return to Sheffield with an exciting new events programme – so watch this space!

Sophie K Rosa is a writer and journalist. She has written for many publications including Novara Media, The Independent, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, VICE, Al jazeera, Aeon and CNN.

Joelle Taylor is a poet, playwright, author and editor. Her most recent collection won the T.S. Elliot Poetry Prize, and the Polari Book Prize for LGBT authors. She is the author of four collections of poetry, the founder of SLAMbassadors, and has performed extensively across the UK and internationally.